Hamiltons Fox Lake Campground, Bemidji Minnesota
2556 Island View Dr. NE Bemidji, MN 56601
phone: (218) 586-2231

Notice to Customers-This property is privately owned and operated. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

While being a part of our campground neighborhood, enjoy your vacation with all of us. When you register to camp with us you have become one of our customers.

Customers registering to rent a campsite must be 21 or older.

Check out time 2:00 PM. Departure after 2:00 PM will have an additional charge.

Check in time: 3:00 PM. One RV/Tent per site.

One vehicle per lot. Park on your lot only. Do not park or drive through empty sites. Site fee will apply.

All your guests must register daily before entering the park and receive a guest pass. Guests failing to register when entering the park may be asked to leave immediately. Check with your visitors to make sure they have registered. This is your responsibility. Guests staying overnight in your camper are charged a fee. Please inform us when this occurs at check out time. Guests are not allowed to charge.

Guest Visitor Hours- 9:00 AM-10:00 PM Visitors are not allowed unless adult customer is present.

Pets on a 6' leash and please clean up behind them. Animal swimming area is at the Boat Ramp Launching Area. NO ANIMALS ON THE BEACH OR IN THE SWIMMING AREA. No Pit Bulls.

Please enter and exit through appropriate driveways.

No firewood shall be transported into Hamilton's Fox Lake Campground unless purchased within 50 miles of Campground and is from a State Certified Vendor with proof provided. Please don't peel the bark off our precious trees or cut up our trees for firewood. Firewood is available at the office. Do not attach anything to trees or pedestals.

No clothes lines hanging from trees or pedestals.

Prior permission must be given by management before washing your camper. No car/truck washing allowed.

Campfires only in existing fire rings. DO NOT MOVE FIRE RINGS!

Help us recycle. Put aluminum/glass/plastic in the appropriate bins provided.

Propane refills: 10AM-6PM

Quiet Hours: 11PM to 9AM and children 18 and under must be with parents.

Please check at the office for dock space. A NO WAKE ZONE exists until you are past the end of the docks and swimming area by 150 feet. NO BEACHING OF WATERCRAFT.

Sorry, no jet skis allowed.

We will be glad to answer any further questions. Call or email us at info@camponfoxlake.com

Hamiltons Fox Lake Campground, Bemidji Minnesota
Hamiltons Fox Lake Campground, Bemidji Minnesota
Hamiltons Fox Lake Campground, Bemidji Minnesota
Hamiltons Fox Lake Campground, Bemidji Minnesota
Hamiltons Fox Lake Campground, Bemidji Minnesota
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